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Oglala Native Youth Movement Occupation

Oglala Native Youth Movement Occupation
Posted: March 23, 2011
by Rowland Túpac Keshena in Places: Turtle Island - US

International Statement
Oglala Band of Native Youth Movement
Unsurrendered Lakota Nation
March 21, 2011

Oglala Band Native Youth Movement and the Strong Heart Warrior Society are currently occupying a building in PahinSinte Lakota Nation, (so-called Porcupine, South Dakota) with Elders of the Lakota Nation.

Oglala Band of NYM was called to action after Elders began to occupy this building on March 4, 2011. Elders requested support to bring attention to the mental, physical, and spiritual abuse and the neglect of meal services that they are being excluded from. The Elders, some 90+ years old, involved in this occupation have tried for 4 years to have their grievances heard and brought forth to the tribal governments but were completely ignored & disrespected. The Elders are the knowledge keepers of our Lakota Nation, traditionally our Elders, Grandmothers and Grandfathers were held with the upmost respect. It is now time that our Elders are heard, as Warriors we stand with them to let their voices be heard as a loud war cry and wake up our Nation. The tribal government has applied for a vacate order, without any clear resolution to the initial grievances the Elders are addressing. In order to intimidate the Elders and Warriors in this occupation and keep the tribal corruption from being exposed one Lakota man, Dwayne Martin, has been arrested and detained on bunk charges related to his involvement in this occupation. Dwayne Martin is being held captive behind enemy lines as a political prisoner. The Elders demand his release. The BIA police are being used to also intimidate supporters, following people from the occupation, stopping and harassing them. We need support to bring a resolution to these issues and to let the Native community be aware of this occupation so that the Elders and Warriors are not isolated and criminalized.

Demand the Elders be respected and their grievances resolved. Contact John Yellow Bird Steel OST president phone # 6058675821.

For more information about the occupation and to support contact:
Oglala Band Native Youth Movement
Olowan and Ryder Cell on site (605) 454-8439
Facebook: 1st Generation AIM Babies

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