Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Revolutionary Culture at the Food Program / Cultura Revolucionaria en el Programa de Nutricion

The Food Program of the Revolutionary Autonomous Communities is every Sunday in McArthur Park in Los Angeles at 1:30 pm on Parkview between 7th and Wilshire.

People that participate have created relationships with each other, and a revolutionary autonomous model and culture.

A participant of the food program reads an allegory about the "change" in president/emperor and police terrorism after he watched the film, "We're Still Here, We Never Left."


El Programa de Nutricion de las Comunidades Autonomas Revolucionarias es cada Domingo en el Parque de McArthur en Parview entre la 7 y la Wilshire.

Los participantes han creado relaciones entre ellos, tambien un ejemplo autonomo revolucionario, y una cultura revolucionaria.

Un participante del programa lee una alegoria sobre el "cambio" de presidente y el terrorismo de policia despues de ver el documental, "Todavia Estamos Aqui, Nunca nos Fuimos."

Fighting Words Thursday March 19th and Sunday Film Screening of "We're Still Here, We Never Left."

come early and sign the open mic list


Fightin’ Words

A monthly open mic to stop police brutality

Hosted by Aidge34 of the almighty Aesthetics Crew, with sounds by the impeccable DJ Starchild from Divine Forces Radio (90.

Come out and bring your rhymes, poetry, spoken word, drums, guitar, horns, other instruments, dancin’ feet, visual art, stories, words of wisdom, or just bring yourself and chill with us! This event is about bringing people together in a city torn apart by the brutality, corruption, and pain we face daily from the cops and other forms of law enforcement under this (in)justice system...

March 19th, 2009

And every 3rd Thursday of the month!! THIS MONTH’S SPECIAL GUESTS:

The Aesthetics Crew

and live art by:


$5 dollar donation (no one turned away)

Chuco Justice Center


1137 E.
Redondo Blvd

Inglewood, CA 90302

Justice for Annette Garcia!



Justice for Annette Garcia!



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Benefit Show Sunday March 22nd at the East Side Cafe 8pm

Benefit Show

Support the East Side Cafe, Traveling Band and the Revolutionary Autonomous Communities

Sunday March 22nd 8pm


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Listen to Rebellion Radio

Listen to Rebellion Radio Right Now

Every Saturday from 9pm to 12am

Black Riders Liberation Party

Free Malik X (member of the Black Riders) arrested by the police on his way to the radio station

Also Check Out Radio RAC LA every Tuesday from 9pm to 12am


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Interview with Saul Soriano's Brother Rafael Soriano on Radio RAC LA

Tune in to Radio RAC LA on Right now and every Tuesday from 9pm to 12am We are going to have report backs from the community and interviews with families resisting police terrorism.

Saul Soriano
On January 1, 2009 at 2:20am Saul Soriano, 41, father of four boys was killed in Panorama City by three Los Angeles Police Department officers, in the attic of his home during a New Year Eve celebration with his family.

We will be talking to Rafael Soriano (Saul's brother). Hear other stories from people murdered by the police recently, and the struggle for justice.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tune in to Revolutionary Programming on KillRadio.Org

Tune in to Revolutionary Programming on KillRadio.Org

Radio RAC L.A.
Tuesdays 9pm-12am
Radio program from the Revolutionary Autonomous Communities

Radio Rokoto-Bomba
Wednesdays 10pm-12am
Punk Rock y noticias libertarias de todas partes de Latino America

Ecos De Libertad
Fridays 6pm-8pm
Radio Project, music and updates from members from Amanecer - for a popular anarchy.

Black Riders
Saturdays 10pm-12am
Playing Conscious Music and Taking Calls from the Community

More radical and anti-authoritarian programming coming soon to, bringing you info from the streets, the community, and the struggle.

The RAC Food Program and You

Comrades, Companoera/os,

The crisis, which drove many of our people from their homes to seek work so as to feed their families, has arrived here. Work is much harder to find, wages are not raised, workers are fired and more work is heaped upon those left who still have jobs.

In addition to the economic strain, migrants, and even those that resemble migrants, along with blacks and other people of color will be unfairly targeted and blamed. “They are taking our jobs,” it will be charged. “We are paying for Their children in our schools, hospitals, parks and jails.” This ‘Us’ versus ‘Them’ as if we are in some way different, in some way less, when it was our work, and the work of our brother and sister fellow workers, regardless of race or nationality or language, who labored and built all that we see. When it is our work and the work of our fellow workers which would and could labor and build a new world with new schools, new hospitals, new parks but no jails. A new world for all to see.

When there is little or no work we must turn to ourselves. This is the mission that our group, Revolutionary Autonomous Communities (RAC) has undertaken since November of 2007 and continues every Sunday at 1:30 PM at the south-east corner of Wilshire and Parkview, in MacArthur Park with some 15 –20 members of our community helping to sort and package and distribute food, to over 150 people, that RAC members have solicited.

How can you help?

1$ buys a pound of beans at the grocery store. 1$ buys more than 2 lbs when we put our money together and purchase beans in 50 lb sacks. Same with rice. The purchase of corn in bulk will bring the same savings. Donate to the Food Program what you can and watch your dollar double.

Plastic Bags have to be purchased and this takes donated money away from the purchase of food. Save and bring your plastic bags on Sunday.

Help unload the trucks.

Help bag the beans and rice.

Notify us if you have fruit trees that can be harvested.

APOC Potluck Sunday March 8th at the East Side Cafe

APOC potluck Sunday March 8, 2009 at 5:30PM at East Side Cafe

Hey APOC!!

It was great spending time with those of you who showed up to the last potluck.
Let's do it again!!

See you Sunday!!
Remember, it is a potluck!!

What: Potluck
When: Sunday, March 8th, 2009 at 5:30PM

Where: The East Side Cafe (in El Sereno)
5469 Huntington Dr N
Los Angeles, CA 90032

More info: call (323)313-8562 (leave message or text if nobody picks up)


Revolutionary Autonomous Communities has a new radio show on check it out.

Radio RAC LA



NYC Film and Discussion: We never left, We're still here with John A. Imani

On Monday March 9, at 7:30, there will be a presentation on anarchism, class struggle, and resistance to police repression in Los Angeles--including a film. At the Bluestockings bookstore:
172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington (1 block south of Houston) :: 212.777.6028

We're Still Here by John A. Imani

A presentatiion on the anarchist movement in Los Angeles. It includes the film "We never left, We're still here" detailing the police riot in MacArthur Park which led to the founding of the Revolutionary Autonous Communities and its Food Program, now helping about 200 people every Sunday. John is an experienced African-American anarchist-communist and autonomous Marxist. There will be open discussion.

From the Revolutionary Autonous Communities, of which John Imani is a member

Monday, March 9th @ 7PM $5 Suggested

Film and Discussion: We never left, Were still here with John A. Imani

Join us for a screening of the film We never left, Were still here

followed by a presentation and discussion with anarchist-communist John

A. Imani on the anarchist movement in Los Angeles. The film details the

police riot in MacArthur Park which led to the founding of the

Revolutionary Autonomous Communities and its Food Program, which now

serves 200 people a week.

172 Allen St.

New York, NY 10002



Programa de Nutrición de las Comunidades Autónomas Revolucionarias

Programa de Nutrición de
las Comunidades Autónomas Revolucionarias

Las Comunidades Autónomas Revolucionarias han creado un programa de nutrición en cual nos damos el poder a nosotros mismos para llegar a ser autosuficientes.

El Programa de Nutrición es un proyecto de ayuda mutua, en el cual el Pueblo por sí mismo organiza y distribuye alimentos en sus propios vecindarios.

Esto no es "caridad", (nosotros no creemos que el cambio sucederá de tal forma). Esto es autodeterminación, donde neo-colonias de clase laboral se alimentan a sí mismas, y organizan para alimentarse por sí mismas.

Nosotros creemos que este sistema esta matando a nuestro Pueblo por el tipo de alimentación que las corporaciones nos dan o no nos dan. Al mismo tiempo una abundancia de alimentos sanos que se hechan a perder. Ellos prefieren que alimentos vayan a malgastar que de dejar caer a los precios de los alimentos en el mercado.
Entonces ellos desconectan a la gente (todo Indígena y personas colonizadas) de la Tierra, la cual un Pueblo Libre e Independiente necesita para sobrevivir. Ellos centralizan el poder y los recursos en las manos de pocos, asi es cómo ellos mantienen el Pueblo oprimido y dependiendo de un sistema blanco-supremacista, patriarcal, y capitalista-imperialista.

El Programa del Nutrición de RAC es una manera que nos permite trabajar con gente que nos apoya y otras organizaciones para traes comida sana a nuestras comunidades.
Queremos que el Pueblo conecte mutuamente, para recoger y distribuir los alimentos entre sí mismos.
Sostendremos, ayudaremos a conectar a la gente y proveeremos cualquier recursos a nuestro alcanze. A través de este proceso, nuestra meta es de conectar nuestras comunidades y que realizen su Poder. Nuestra meta general es de recobrar nuestra necesaria conexión a nuestra Tierra. Necesitamos nuestra Tierra para
sobrevivir, y pertenece a nosotros, no al colonizador.

Queremos reaprender cómo vivir de nuestra Tierra y como ser auténticamente autosuficientes.

Apoyen nuestro Programa de Nutrición

Ayude a Recolectar Alimentos.

Ayude a Distribuir Alimentos en Su Vecindario.

Done a nuestro Programa de Ayuda Mutua Comunitaria


¡Regresen el Poder a Nuestras Comunidades y Regresen la Tierra a Nosotros!

¡Total Poder A TRAVES del PUEBLO!

El Programa de Comida es Cada Domingo en el Parque de McArthur 1:30pm en Parkview (en el medio de la calle 7 y Wilshire)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Revolutionary Autonomous Communities' Food Program

Revolutionary Autonomous Communities' Food Program

The Revolutionary Autonomous Communities has created a food program where we are empowering ourselves and others to become self-sustainable.

The Food Program is a mutual-aid project where people are organizing and distributing food in their own neighborhoods. This is not charity, we do not believe that change will happen this way. This is self-empowerment, where working class neo-colonies are feeding themselves, and organizing to feed themselves.

We feel that this system is killing our people by what the corporations feed us or don't feed us. At the same time there is an abundance of healthy food that goes to waste. They would rather let food go to waste than allow the prices of food in the market to drop. Then they disconnect people (all indigenous and colonized people) from the land, which a free and independent people need to survive. They centralize power and resources in the hands of the few, this is how they keep oppressed people dependent on a white-supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist-imperialist system.

RAC's Food Program is a way that we can work with supporters and other organizations to feed healthy food to our communities. We want people to connect with each other, to pick up and distribute the food amongst themselves. We will support, help connect people and to supply whatever resources we can. Through this process our goal is to connect our communities and to take them back. Our overall goal is to regain our necessary connection to the land. We need land to survive, and the land belongs to us, not the colonizer. We want to relearn how to truly be self-sustainable.

Support our Food Program.

Help Pick Up Food.

Help Distribute Food in Your Neighborhood.

Donate to our Community Mutual-Aid Program.

Get Organized!

Take Back Our Communities and Take Back the Land!

All Power THROUGH the People!

-Revolutionary Autonomous Communities

You can join us every Sunday at 1:30 PM. Meet at the SE Corner of Wilshire and Parkview in MacArthur Park.