Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Police State: Anaheim California

Anaheim PD shoot protesters with rubber bullets, bean bag guns and pepper ball guns. Police shot a man in the chest with a bean bag gun from 5-10 feet away as he tried to get his bike and then arrested him. Many people hit. Starbucks windows smashed and a dumpster fire all while Disney shoots off fireworks. 7 helicopters overhead.

Police State Los Angeles Skidrow being raided right now live stream

Live stream by Ustream
People at Occupy Skidrow are being detained over at 4th and Towne

More on Police State Anaheim

Community taking to the streets check stream

Live Video streaming by Ustream


Police State: Dallas

About two hours ago an as-of-yet unnamed Dallas PD employee shot and killed a man. Witnesses say the man was unarmed and shot in the back.

This is is the 13th shooting, 7th death at the hands of Dallas PD employees this year. 

Hundreds have taken to the streets in southeast Dallas near Fair Park where the incident happened. Some have used the term "riot" to describe but thus far news is sparse and it might have quelled a bit.

Can anyone on the ground weigh-in with updates? If you can livestream please share your channel or email me pete@copblock.org and I'll provide the log-in for Qik.com/CopBlock


Teachers Protesting are Still Teaching!

Know Your Rights: Cops Try And Raid Garage Sale But Get Shut Down Quick! "I'm With CopWatch I've Dealt With You"

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Police in Anaheim Shoot Beanbags and Release K9 on Baby

First Police shoot and wound an unarmed man, then they refuse wounded man medical care and then attack witnesses and an entire community. This past Saturday afternoon in Anaheim, CA, a group of protestors seeking justice in an incident involving one cop shooting a civilian to death, were put into a gloomy situation. As the gathering continued outside, officers moved to confront protestors. Once police realized protestors would not stop the demonstration, a policeman fired rubber bullets at the crowd of men, women and children. Seconds into the attack, a cop released one police K9 which went after a mother and daughter.

Riots have started in response.
Cops tried to buy the video from filmers to cover up their rampage. The filmers released the video anyway:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MST4RhWdlMQ
The communities of Anaheim are mobilizing

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

La Guardia Indígena del norte del Cauca, Colombia, expulsó a los militares

Bogota, 17 julio (RHC) La Guardia Indígena del norte del Cauca, Colombia, expulsó a los militares que se encontraban en esa zona para exigir el fin de los enfrentamientos armados que han afectado a varios poblados de la región y que han causado el desplazamiento de unos 600 habitantes.

altAnte esa situación, los soldados colombianos arremetieron con gases lacrimógenos este martes contra los originarios, luego que más de mil nativos se concentraron en la base Militar de la Torre cercana al municipio de Toribío para hacer una toma del lugar y exigir la salida del Ejército de la zona.

La evacuación se da luego de una situación de tensión en la que los "militares empezaron a disparar para acorralar a los indígenas", señaló la prensa local, pese al plazo que los indígenas dieron para la desmilitarización de la región.

Los oriundos establecieron como plazo este lunes a 
todo grupo legal o ilegal que esté armado para que abandonaran los territorios de las comunidades.

Feliciano Valencia, miembro de la comunidad indígena había reiterado que la intención del desalojo no es agredir a nadie, “es decirles con la razón que nos asiste que nos cansamos de la guerra y no aguantamos más.

Se estima que en la zona hay unos 5 mil indígenas, que participaron en la destrucción de las trincheras del Ejército, Policía y FARC en respuesta a la cantidad de hostigamientos, daños y víctimas que dejan los enfrentamientos armados en el norte del Cauca.

The evacuation occurs after a stressful situation in which the "military started shooting to trap the Indians", noted the local press, despite the deadline given by the Indians for the demilitarization of the region.

The natives established deadline this Monday to all legal or illegal group that is assembled so that to leave the territories of communities.

Feliciano Valencia, Member of the indigenous community had reiterated that the intention of the eviction is not attacking anyone, "is say rightly that attend us we get tired of the war and not endure more."

It is estimated that in the area there are about 5,000 indigenous, who participated in the destruction of the trenches of the army, police, and FARC in response to the amount of harassment, damage and victims who left the armed clashes in the North of Cauca. (Translated by bing

Hoy todos somos terroristas / Today we are all terrorist

2 Cops Go To Far And Tase Man For Not Showing His I.D.!?

El Estado es la Escuela del Crimen/The State is the School of Crime

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sheriff's deputies shoot man in Compton

July 1, 2012 |  8:39 am
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies shot a man in Compton early Sunday, authorities said.
The shooting occurred about 2:30 a.m. in the 500 block of South Long Beach Boulevard, a sheriff’s official said. A gun was recovered at the scene.
It is unclear what prompted the shooting, which remains under investigation.
One media report quoted a coroner’s official saying that the suspect had died. But another coroner's representative said they could not confirm that this was the same individual.

Occupy Skid Row June 22, 2012. Evicted and Re-Occupied!