Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Solidarity: Indigenous Youth Delegation to Palestine

GRITtv: In Solidarity: Indigenous Youth Delegation to Palestine

There are lots of connections between the indigenous communities in the United States and the Palestinian community: both the corporations and governments that have oppressed them and the strategies of resistance that they've used to fight back. Organizers from across the U.S. put together The Indigenous Youth Delegation to Palestine, which connected Native and immigrant youth from the U.S. with youth in Palestine. Ora Wise of the Palestine Education Project, Ras K'Dee of SNAG Magazine, and hip-hop activists Invincible of Detroit and the Narcicyst join us in the studio to talk about their experiences organizing across borders, creating solidarity between communities of struggle, and being part of a new generation of activists forming their own connections. If you're in New York, Thursday evening, October 22, Ras K'Dee, Invincible and the Narcicyst will be performing at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. Check it out!

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