Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Support Your Community Support Your Hood!!! Come down to Crenshaw and 66th and spread the word.

Freedom Factory: 
Young People will be constructing a Youth Center in the middle of South Central to demonstrate what can happen when positive investment is made in our community. People have taken over the abandoned Hyde Park Library 6527 Crenshaw Blvd. police presence as of 10am come out and support 323.235.4243 Youth Justice Coalition

RAC LA Update: Solidarity in action with companer@s from YJC putting thoughts and ideas to practice. As i arrived this morning i was witness to the beauty of our movement youth, elders, babies and adults cleaning up an abandoned lot which was formerly the Hyde Park Library. The lot which has fallen into disrepair and overgrown with weeds and trash was given new life with the energy and effort of those present. The trash was being swept up and the weeds removed.

However the LAPD soon arrived on scene and immediately began to disrupt activities. Initial officers playing good cop role attempt to pacify all participants by smiling shaking hands as they waited for their superiors who arrived shortly with much different demeanor. An officer was soon overheard saying everyone here was trespassing and he closed the fence to prevent many of the arriving youth and community members from joining those inside. Another officer Shea on the phone said,"These people are trying to impose their will and this is illegal and will proceed as such until notified otherwise."

At this point Crenshaw Southbound traffic is closed and police are stationed around the perimeter not allowing anyone else into lot. Youth and community members are on the street energized with love for themselves and their community. 

The city of Los Angeles and the capitalists that benefit from the great inequalities of this metropolis cut services while at the same time denying folks the ability to provide for their own. They would rather let abandoned lots sit as a hazard in our community than allow access to space.

In order for things to change we must make a choice to stand with the people. In order to fulfill our choice requires effort. Please support the self determination  of the people of South Central LA. Please spread the word and come support!
Schools not jails! Community centers not abandoned lots!

All Power to the People! All Power through the People! 

Please forward widely.

Youth Justice Coalition has liberated the abandoned Hyde Park Library at 6527 Crenshaw Blvd.

The Police have surrounded us.

Please come.

Bring Media, bring community.
Rise-UP LA.



PO BOX 73688, L.A. CA 90003
e-mail: freelanow@yahoo.com
Tel: (323) 235-4243
Contact: Kruti Parekh (323) 490-0601

December 13, 2011

Freedom Factory!
Week of Action!
Taking- back an abandoned space, for community benefit!
Multiple Opportunities for Media Coverage and Interviews throughout the Week; Great Visuals!

What: Over the past four years, the Youth Justice Coalition has been challenging law enforcement spending in Los Angeles City and County. Specifically, we have done a 50-mile march from Sylmar Juvenile Hall to Norwalk’s Department of Juvenile Justice demanding that 1% of money that goes towards policing, courts, and probation be transferred towards creating community youth centers, youth employment, and hiring intervention/peace builders to work in our communities rather than police. (1% of law enforcement budget equals to $100 million). We’ve also conducted research with our students at FREE LA High School around the Los Angeles Police Budget a year ago and we plan on exposing our research during this four day week of action.

This year, the youth and community organizers want to show the city and county that we already have space in our communities for these centers, and that we have assets in our communities to create real transformative youth spaces. So we plan to liberate an abandoned or otherwise non-productive, unused space in the community of South LA for FOUR days. This liberation is in reaction to the Occupy movements. Over the four days we plan to hold school for 40 students of FREE LA High School, provide political and educational workshops, have recreation activities and after school tutoring, and have political movement building where people can dialogue around the historical and political moment we are living in and continue conversations around how we continue to build a movement for the liberation of all people.

Who: The YOUTH JUSTICE COALITION is a growing movement led by young people formerly or currently incarcerated on Probation or Parole (themselves or family members). For most youth, their push out of school was a push toward underemployment and incarceration. We know that violence won’t be ended by “declaring a war on youth”, but through community schools that are open to young people and their families as resource centers after school and on weekends, community and school-based intervention, and job opportunities. Just 1% of the County’s law enforcement budget would provide 100 million dollars a year for positive youth development.
Rise-UP LA is an autonomous collective working towards the liberation of the communities and the people of South Los Angeles. We believe in freedom from all oppression, direct democracy, and community-based living. Our group was initially created in response to the current "Occupy" Movements that have awakened a new sense of community, local organizing and movement-building centered around fighting corporate greed. We are also a reaction to the misrepresentation of community voices and history like that of South LA in the over-all conversations of Occupy LA.

When: Tuesday December 13, 2011 at 9am- December 16th, 2011. Press Conference on Tuesday at 1:30 PM, Candlelight vigil on Thursday December 15, celebration on Friday December 16th, 2011

Where: 6527 Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles, 90043 (in between Hyde Park and 66th).

Why: Four decades ago, California led the nation and the world in operating a quality K-12 and university education system. However, with the rush to incarcerate youth – particularly youth of color, for less and les serious offenses, the state and County transferred larger and larger funds toward police – including school police – and lock-ups. California now leads the nation and the world in prison spending, and is #47 - #50 in education spending, despite our ranking as the richest nation in the world and the 5th riches economy in the world. Most schools in poor and working class communities look and operate more like prisons. And Los Angeles now leads the nation in school push-out, low test scores and school overcrowding. The YJC is urging an end to the School-to-Jail Track, and a re-investment in positive youth opportunities and school safety and success plans that prepare youth for college and living-wage careers rather than incarceration and death.

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