Thursday, December 15, 2011

International day of Action for Immigrant Rights December 18

Join us we will be doing a toy/gift drive for the children of the food program in Macarthur Park @ Wilshire and Parkview from 11a.m. to 4p.m. All are encouraged to donate a toy/gift to be given out the following week 12/25/11. Donation does not have to be store bought handmade toys/gifts encouraged.Share what you can.

Working with comapaner@s we will be compiling Recipes to share experiences and tips for survival within this system. These recipes do not have only to do with food, but also with whatever solutions we create to get through life in this world. For example, these solutions could be how to cook a meal your family loves to eat, or you could share how to live without a refrigerator, how to knit, how to make a blog, or how to use the library . Those are just some examples. We need as many as we can for the big zine. Contribute any experience,tip, advice or recipe to be included in Zine that will be printed after.

Revolutionary Autonomous Communities Los Angeles

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