Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another Victim of LAPD Violence

"...Sammy. His court date isn't till tomorrow. This is what he got for getting out of a long day of work and biking to support a community event. A busted eye that is still swollen shut and a couple nights in jail. The cops tried to rationalize their bs by saying "imagine being in our situation, while loo...king for a man with a gun". I say, imagine getting out of work, jumped and surrounded by 8 "highly trained" bullies who consider themselves higher than the law, then taken to jail with no option for court until two days later all because YOU weren't the person we were looking for~ No Gun, NOt the person, and a busted eye by the L.A.P.D~"
Sammy is a 19 year old resident of Boyle Heights, Board Member & Poet at Corazon Del Pueblo and employee of Homeboy Industries - doesn't drink nor smoke. -" fwd from FB post and comments

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