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#FortHernandez Day 64 - RAC Volunteers

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#FortHernandez Day 64 - RAC Volunteers

Revolutionary Autonomous Communities (RAC) feeds the people through a network of local donations every Sunday in MacArthur Park downtown.  We went there today to volunteer, helping the effort and networking with comrades in the fight for autonomy.  As trucks pulled up with produce we off-loaded the boxes.  Organic heirloom tomatoes, watermelons, butternut squash, avocados, kale, and grapes are just a few of the vegetables that were gifted to the community.

Gift boxes were laid out in rows and filled with an assortment of items.  Rice, beans and dry goods were separated into bags. Volunteers snacked on pineapple slices covered with chile pepper.  Tasty!

There were long spaces in between supply drop-offs.  We filled the time talking about the movement, sharing stories about happenings at the Fort and RAC.  RAC is a revolutionary federation of councils and liberated spaces based in occupied communities. They build self-sustainability and create the structure, strategy, and program for change through direct participatory forms of consensus. Their strategy for Decolonization, Land and Liberty includes outreach, popular and political education, direct action, community programs, empowerment, support, physical training and mutual aid, so people can build self reliance and gain the skills, resources and the experience to liberate themselves. They do what we're doing at Fort Hernandez. The exchange of information is just as nourishing as the food.

In the hot part of the day the women retired to the shade and held a women's circle.  Comprised of young and old, they held hands exchanged knowledge and wisdom, hugged, and prayed.  Beautiful and healing.  It felt like the heartbeat of the movement.

Around us the park was filled with people resting, playing soccer, making music.  We took naps too, waiting for more trucks to arrive.

After the last of the deliveries arrived, we passed out the food to the people.  RAC donated several boxes to Fort Hernandez, which we took back with us and will use in our kitchen.  Food is so much better when it has  love and solidarity in it.  Thank you RAC!  Another world is Possible!

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