Sunday, July 22, 2012

Police in Anaheim Shoot Beanbags and Release K9 on Baby

First Police shoot and wound an unarmed man, then they refuse wounded man medical care and then attack witnesses and an entire community. This past Saturday afternoon in Anaheim, CA, a group of protestors seeking justice in an incident involving one cop shooting a civilian to death, were put into a gloomy situation. As the gathering continued outside, officers moved to confront protestors. Once police realized protestors would not stop the demonstration, a policeman fired rubber bullets at the crowd of men, women and children. Seconds into the attack, a cop released one police K9 which went after a mother and daughter.

Riots have started in response.
Cops tried to buy the video from filmers to cover up their rampage. The filmers released the video anyway:
The communities of Anaheim are mobilizing

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