Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Special Message From Mumia Abu-Jamal


Dear Friends,
n January 30, 2012, just after joining the General Population at SCI Mahanoy,Mumia Abu-Jamal penned a note to all of us—“My dear friends, brothers and sisters ...”—thanking us for demonstrating solidarity powerful enough to secure his release from “the hole.” After 30 years on death row he can finally for the very first time see the sky and touch another human being. Thirty years.
Call it administrative segregation, disciplinary confinement, security housing, or restricted housing, in the United States today at least 80,000 prisoners are in some form of isolated confinement. Our efforts to get Mumia out of solitary, like our previous efforts to get Mumia off death row, are made within this larger context. They are part of the much larger struggle for justice—a justice that will extend to all prisoners. The next step is freedom.

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