Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Innocent Muslim Mother Of 5 Beaten To Death In Hate Crime! (California)

"The Woman Has died due to the Injuries Sustained, confirmed dead on March 24th 2012 Innocent muslim mother of five beaten nearly to death, with doctors saying there is no chance of Survival. Assailants broke in to her home, and savagely beat her leaving her body in a pool of blood to be discovered by her 17 year old daughter, with a note saying "go back to your own country, you're a terrorist" El Cajon - A woman found beaten in the head with a tire iron, was hospitalized. Shaima Alawadi, 32, a mother of five, was found unconscious by her 17- year-old daughter on Wednesday around 11:15 A.M. A note telling her to "Go back home", was found at the residence. A family friend Sura Alzaidy, told the San Diego Union Tribune about the note, which authorities did not disclose. The note told the woman and the Alawadi family to "Go back to your own country. You're a terriorist". The woman is of Iraqi descent." Submitted by @Alsamaray_

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