Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy The Hood

Occupy The Hood

Community Page about Power to the People
It is the Mission of Occupy The Hood (in solidarity with Occupy Wall St) to get POC more involved in the Occupy Movement
Occupy The Hood stands in Solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street
movement... It is imperative that the voice of POC is heard
at this moment! We must not be forgotten as the world progresses to the next economical stage. We can all agree that the voices in our
communities are especially needed in this humanitarian struggle. We
are our future and we posses the energy needed to push the occupy
movement to the next phase.

We are The Least Represented
We are Among The Ignored
We are Among The Unemployed
We are Considered The Under Educated
We are Considered The Minority
We are The Consumers
But most importantly WE ARE THE HOOD!!

The neighborHOODs is where the hearts of the people are. Our homes, our parks, our selves. It is in our best interest to have all abled voices heard to bring forth a peaceful solution in this world we have been given. There are millions of people that are effected by the Wall Street crisis. The questionable, unethical activities downtown Manhattan... and in Corporate America directly effects our economic struggles and the future of all business and personal endeavors.

Mission :::

Our mission is to encourage individuals & community based organizations to be involved. We need to be present at General Assembly's, sit-ins, marches and rallies, when and where needed. We must also initiate our own protests and boycotts. We will be seen and heard on our own, along-with and in unison with all the occupy-the-world movements until we bring forth a viable solution.... no matter how long it takes. Numbers speak volumes but the most important number to note at this time is the number one..

Our voices are going to blend as one.

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