Sunday, January 1, 2012

Do you give up the right to live by shoplifting a shirt?

Capitalism= Private Property Before Human Life

Police Brutality: Cops Kills 18 Year Old Female For Stolen Shirt While Handcuffed!!! 

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"The cop's claims that they have Footage. Of this Young Eighteen year old. Trying to kill
herself In the back of the cops Car while Handcuffed. When they were called. To arrested
this Shop lifter to a stolen shirt. They will Not release the tape to the family members.

The mother Is to believe that the cop's should have handled the situation properly. In the first
place. When they asked to see the Footage of the tape they will not release It. All though
The sister Is Upset and distraught by the whole thing, Because this family didn't get the answers that they were looking for."

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